IELTS Speaking - Sample Test 5 - Shopping Center

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Introduction (1minute)
Interviewer greets the candidate and introduces himself or herself.
Interviewer asks the candidate to state his or her name clearly for the recorder.
Interviewer asks to see the candidate's passport and verification of the same.
Section 1 –Short Interview (3-4 minute)
  • Where do you come from? Can you tell me some famous landscapes or scenic spots in your hometown?
  • Describe a restaurant or a cafe. You should say, Where it is?
  • What it looks like? What kind of services is provided?
  • What kind of food you like there?.
  • What kind of food is famous? Why you like it?

Section 2-Individual long turn Monologue.

Candidate has to speak about the topic given in the task card (1-2 minutes).Candidate can
use pen or pencil to jot down the points about the topic in task card.
  Task card
Describe one of the shopping centers you often go to
           1) Where is the shopping center?
           2) How often do you go to the center?
           3) Why do you often go to it and its characteristics?

Follow up Questions/Discussion / Dialogue ( 4-5 minutes )
  • Will smaller shops survive in the current business system?
  • What are the characteristics of shopping malls and smaller shops and their difference?
  • What is the trend of future shopping centers?
  • Talk about Internet shopping.


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