IELTS Writing - Academic Writing - Task 2 (Living longer)

Friday, June 10, 2011

 Topic given:

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

Ronald Chernow an American biographer once asserted that: "I think one of the important things that's happened in the course of the century is that life expectancy has doubled." The fact that people are now enjoying a longer life is a testament for modern society. Sure enough, due to the advancements in health care, and a better knowledge of living a healthy life, life expectancy has been increasing significantly.

First of all, it's apparent that health care services through modern medicine and technology employed to cure illnesses are playing an pivotal role in increasing human longevity. A remarkable number of medications have been discovered for various diseases and epidemics, such as flu, tuberculosis and pneumonia, which were irremediable in the past. In addition to medicine, technology also efficiently support the process of treatment and therapy, making it become more reliable and manageable. These imrovements in health care services have saved and helped prolong a countless numbers of lives.

Along with the improvement in health care, people now have far greater knowledge of how to live a long and healthy life thanks to approachable and accessible information sources. It enables people to make better and wiser decision in terms of nutrition options and lifestyle. For instance, people have more thorough grasp of what sort of foods and drinks they should consume or avoid and how they affect their well-being. People have also become more health conscious as many spend a considerable time of their day in health clubs and gymnasiums. Exercise keeps one toned physically as well as mentally. Consequently, a person becomes less susceptible to any illness or stress and thus can spend a healthy life.

Taking into account the reasons mentioned above, modern society has a great advantage over our ancestors when it comes to living a long and healthy life. Medicine and technology will continue to improve as will our knowledge of healthy living.


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